Founders of Cork tech firm ‘Workvivo’ shortlisted for EY Entrepreneur award

5 November 2020
By Elaine Murphy

Irish tech company Workvivo, one of the world’s fastest growing providers of internal communications technology has surpassed 300,000 users of its platform worldwide, and the company is on target to have one million users of their platform by the end of next year.

Workvivo has witnessed a steady increase in levels of engagement on its communication platform as remote working continues for workers across the globe. In the past year, Workvivo has experienced over 200% growth in user numbers, with customers operating in over 50 countries. 40% of its customer base have joined the platform since March. Workvivo recently announced plans to create 100 new jobs.

On the back of this success, Workvivo founders John Goulding and Joe Lennon have been shortlisted as finalists in the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition which will take place next week.

CEO of Workvivo, John Goulding said “good things happen when you get employee engagement right in an organisation”.

He added: “Our platform helps organisations get things right when it comes to employee engagement. All the things that you would have had to do in a physical working environment in terms of employee morale, positivity, shining a light on the positive things in the organisation, bringing the goals of the organisation alive and bringing the values of the organisation alive – you now have to do that digitally and that’s where our platform comes in.”

Workvivo Chief Technology Officer Joe Lennon said: “When John and I founded Workvivo, one of our founding principles was that we wanted to build a company that built products that were fun and engaging, and that we enjoyed working with. We wanted to come to work every day excited to see what we could build and how that could have an impact in a positive way on people working in other organizations.”

The company currently employs 35 staff, but predicts its workforce will grow to 135 within the next three years as businesses look to increase focus on employee engagement. Workvivo’s platform helps businesses to connect with staff across multiple sites, and enables those businesses to engage and motivate their employees.

Workvivo’s customers in Ireland include Woodies, Trigon Hotels, Bus Eireann, Irish Rail, Teagasc and UCC. Globally, it supplies companies including Telus International, Seneca Entertainment in New York, Netgear, A+E Networks EMEA, Kentech, Cubic Telecom and Staffordshire University in the UK.

Workvivo has been supported by Enterprise Ireland since its inception.

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