Graphics Evolution In Video and Online Casino Games

26 January 2021
By Roger Jones


It’s undeniable that video graphics make most of us keep playing various video games. The current video games are as exciting as they are because of their graphics. However, we need to agree that the video gaming industry has come from far.

A Lot of changes have happened since the invention of video games. Those born in the 21st century may only read about the evolution in the history books or hear them in the stories. It’s also worth admitting that all the changes and improvements that have taken place in the sector have been due to continuous technological advancements.

According to our video gaming expert and seasoned advisor in the gaming industry, Dominic Andreason (you can link up with him here), the video gaming and online casinos industry has been fast at adopting any technological trends.

Here’s what happens annually

If you are keen, you will note that technological advancement takes place at least every new year. If not that, there are always positive expectations. It’s apparent that there are more expectations about the technological advancements, most of that will happen in 2021.

How has the industry evolved?

Initial Arcade Graphics

Arcade games were some of the first games that many Swedish gaming enthusiasts loved in the ’70s and ’80s. Even though computers existed then, they weren’t as advanced as today. The arcade games could not use advanced graphics because of the level of advancement at that time. That’s why the game developers had to make game graphics as simple as possible.

However, the developers were always finding ways to trigger the players to believe that they were playing 3D games. Unfortunately, it could not match the current 3D graphics in today’s games.

If you ever played games like the 1983 wars stars, you will believe that the evolution of video games’ graphics has been tremendous. That’s because the game lacked texture despite its ability to feature in varied colours. If you have been watching the news on the Swedish gambling industry, you will notice that many changes have occurred in casino online and beyond.

The Development of PCs

As technology kept changing, the gaming industry changed as well. Some of the changes that took place included introducing PCs and online casino games that were compatible with them. That is when popular games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong found their way into the gaming industry.

Birth of 2D graphics

After what seemed like breaking news but a good one to the gaming lovers, the pixel games gave birth to 2D games. Some of the games that came along with that development included Prince of Persia.

Some Swedish players thought that that was the last advancement to expect regarding gaming graphics. But they didn’t know that it was the beginning of a good thing. They took most of their time playing the games with their friends and family members. But as mentioned, that was not the stopping point. The 2D concept led to the rise of another idea, and probably you can guess.

Birth of 3D games

The advent of 3D gaming marked the beginning of a series of advancements we’ve seen in the casino and gaming industry today. Games such as Quake brought another experience to the players. Since the introduction of 3D video games, the players found a reason to smile and testify about the amazing experience they were getting.

Without the invention of 3D graphics, there would be no better casino experience today. For instance, 3D has led to better games with quality visuals and better sound effects.

Virtual reality in Gaming

Believe it or not, virtual Reality was an invention of 1938. Many Swedish citizens might think that it’s a recent concept. However, that’s not the case considering that the first headsets’ revelation took place in 1968.

Today, we can proudly speak of how virtual reality equipment and the concept has changed the video gaming sector. Using it as an example, it is evident that much more are on the way.

Playing video games currently is a new norm for many people. Sweden has been a centre for huge casino wins and it may not seem to be ending any time soon. The experience they get is impressive hence making them stay glued to the evolution of casino games.

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