What to do grow your business using Twitter

25 February 2021
By Roger Jones

Business News: The right use of social media can attract more visitors to your website, and hence to your business

Are you running a small business and looking for new ways to market your brand to a different audience? Have you ever thought about using social media, Twitter specifically, to do this, or does it just seem like a bit of a farfetched idea?

It is a well-known fact that Twitter is one of the biggest and best social media platforms, among others, used for marketing businesses and brands in a new way. The benefits of using social media for marketing rather than just going the traditional route, is that it allows you to expand your reach and audience while also being able to engage with this audience on a more personal level changing the game entirely because people love feeling noticed and appreciated.

For any business, especially a new and small one, it can be incredibly difficult to get started and quite overwhelming when it comes to all the different tools and schedules that you should be using. There are many possibilities that Twitter provides, here are a few things you can do to grow your business using Twitter.

Engage more

Behind every social media platform is an algorithm that can determine the success or failure of your account. Usually, these algorithms are quite tricky to get a handle of and to understand but the basics of any social media algorithm is that they look at the engagement that your account has and depending on how little or how much you have will mean how many people will get to see your post on their timeline.

This means that engaging with your followers is key to making yourself and your business more prominent in the Twitter scene. Engaging with followers doesn’t only mean that you have to like all the comments that they post on your content, you can also respond to these comments, follow some of them back, retweet their tweets, and respond to direct messages when you receive them. You can check out Tweepi if you want AI to do some of that for you.

Share interesting content

Twitter is so much more than just a platform for advertising your products and services. First and foremost, it is a place where people socialize and seek entertainment and connection with others. Upon learning this, you should compare what your content looks like to what else is being posted on social media. If your content is just advertising your product then maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit and make it more fun and entertaining.

To do this, you will need to find out what it is that your target audience is interested, while still keeping it relevant to your content. This could mean sharing anything and everything from pictures, videos, memes, quotes, or even gifs. Anything that will entertain your followers enough to retain engagement from them while also attracting new followers and engagement. Keep in mind that you always have to have a consistent voice, and that the content is still related to your niche or brand.

Get noticed

Getting noticed can be quite the task to do but it’s not impossible and it’s a big deal because you can gain a lot of traction from this. Getting noticed by bigger, more well-known brands and companies might be just the way to do this. If you get noticed by them, and they have the same target audience as yours, it will allow their followers to notice you too, meaning a much bigger reach for your content

Hashtags are key

So many people make use of hashtags but have no idea of the marketing power that they actually hold. Allowing users to search up a key word directing them straight to a whole load of stuff they are interested in is revolutionary. Using specifically targeted hashtags, you allow your content to reach an audience that is completely interested in your niche or brand idea. This will in turn allow for more people to want to follow your account without having being spread by word of mouth.

Spamming hashtags can be incredibly annoying though, so be sure to keep your hashtags relevant to your content, while still popular, and also not to place too many hashtags in your tweet, otherwise this can be overwhelming and distracting from the content. Another great idea when it comes to using hashtags is to start incorporating them into your tweets as key words rather than just dumping a whole bunch at the end.

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