Community Monuments Fund 2021

22 March 2021
By Bryan Smyth

File photo showing a gravestone being cleaned in Co Cork. Cork County Council are now offering funding for the conservation of other older monuments.

Building on the inaugural 2020 Fund, the 2021 Community Monuments Fund (CMF 2021) will invest in Ireland’s valuable archaeological heritage and help the owners and custodians of archaeological monuments to safeguard them into the future for the benefit of communities and the public. This includes Local Authorities, private owners and custodians, community groups and State-funded organisations.

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Mary Linehan welcomed the news, saying,

“With over 19,000 archaeological monuments in County Cork this scheme will benefit a variety of important sites in the county. Introduced in September 2020, the scheme saw an investment last year of over €75,000 in archaeological monuments in the county with Camden Fort Meagher, Kilgullane Church in Fermoy and Templebreedy Church in Crosshaven all benefiting from the support.”

Archaeological Monuments included in the Record of Monuments and Places (RMP) under the National Monuments Act 1930 (as amended) and Archaeological Monuments identified in the Sites and Monuments Record compiled by the National Monuments Service are to benefit from conservation, maintenance, protection and promotion under the scheme.

Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey outlined the merits of the scheme, saying

“The Community Monument Fund enables conservation works to be carried out on monuments deemed to be significant and in need of urgent support. The fund can help to encourage access to monuments, improve their presentation and enable them to withstand the effects of climate change. The protection and promotion of our rich archaeological heritage is important to Cork County Council and it’s huge value in terms of local heritage, culture and tourism is recognised.”

The Community Monuments Fund has 3 Streams:

  1. Stream 1will offer grantsup to €85,000 aimed at essential repairs and capital works for the conservation and repair of archaeological monuments (Total: €1,000,000 available)
  2. Stream 2will offer grants of up to€30,000 for development of Conservation Management Plans/Reports that are aimed at identifying measures for conservation of archaeological monuments and improving public access (Total €550,000 available)
  3. Stream 3will offer grants of up to €30,000 for enhancement of access infrastructure and interpretation (including virtual/online) at archaeological monuments (including Covid-19 public health measures). (Total €450,000 available).

Eligible projects will be drawn from the following categories:

  1. a) projects proposed by a Local Authority in relation to archaeological monuments in public ownership, where a clear heritage focus and community or public benefit has been demonstrated;
  2. b) projects proposed by a Local Authority on foot of applications from private applicants and/or community groups who are the owners or custodians of relevant archaeological monuments where there is a tangible public benefit;
  3. c) projects with a clearly defined heritage focus and community or public benefit proposed directly to the Department bya State-funded organisation working in the heritage area

Full details of the Fund are set out in the attached Explanatory Memorandum Community Monuments Fund CMF 2021 and the application form both of which should be carefully noted by all applicants.

Private applicants or community groups who are the owners or custodians of monuments should: complete the application form below (relevant sections only); attach a Method Statement, as appropriate, and submit to Cork County Council on or before 17:00 on 12th April 2021. There will be a quick turnaround in decisions on applications submitted and please note that successful projects must be completed with the request for drawdown of funding submitted to the Local Authority by 4th October 2021.

CMF 2021- Explanatory Memo

Application Form (A)

Please note: parts of the Application Form (A) must be completed by the Local Authority before submission to the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. Community groups or private owners should complete only the relevant sections and submit to by 17:00 on 12th April 2021. For further information on the scheme email or phone 021 428 5935/5905.

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