Refurbishment for Kinsale Fisherman’s Pontoon

24 April 2021
By Elaine Murphy

Cork Senator Tim Lombard has welcomed the release of tenders for works to refurbish the Kinsale Fisherman’s Pontoon Mooring.

Streetscape of Kinsale

“The Kinsale harbour is a hive of commercial and leisure activity, and the Fisherman’s Pontoon is used by local fishers as well as businesses and individuals pursuing marine leisure, sea angling, and sea tourism.

“The Pontoon Mooring hosts a variety of large and small boats but has been in need of refurbishment works – something I have been campaigning for to support the ongoing activities of this busy port.

“Cork County Council released tenders at the start of April for works to replace the existing chain, install a new mooring anchor block, and replace the pontoon rubber connectors.

“This is a welcome, and much needed, project for the Kinsale port. Tenders are due back by the end of the month, hopefully quality applications will enable prompt progress to installation works before the end of the year.”

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