POLITICS: Kinsale Green seeks to improve Cork County Development Plan

2 July 2021
By Tom Collins

Politics: News from the Green Party

Marc O’Riain, the Green Party local representative for Kinsale and Bandon, finished uploading his submissions to the Cork Country Development Plan late last night “after weeks of work”. Many of the submissions seek to increase the number of Greenways and Blueways linking Kinsale to Belgooly, Dunderrow, Innishannon and Bandon along the river.

“I see a real need to link our residential areas with schools and sports areas through the introduction of new pedestrian and cycle routes.” Marc said. “We need to reduce the demand for car journeys by offering climate friendly, safe, and healthy alternatives. These would bring huge benefits to our communities.”

“I’ve also submitted proposals for the completion of the Western and Northern relief roads around Kinsale in order to take beach bound traffic away from the town. This along with extra parking in the Glen would allow for much of town to become a one way system with the permanent pedestrianisation of some streets and squares.”

“This would allow the Architectural conservation area in Kinsale to be come a better public realm space with wider footpaths and accessible streets.”

“Kinsale is a beautiful town with an incredible history and culture but we are seeing the deterioration of much of the architectural heritage within Kinsale. We, the Green Party in Cork South West, are calling for enforcement orders to stop the replacement of heritage windows with unsuitable form and materiality. We also want to see an end to full window advertising which is ruining the visual amenity of the medieval centre. We need to allow Kinsale to be seen and to be appreciated.”

“We’ve also sought more recycling bins as everyone is aware of the problems there and the issues caused by lack of bins or overflowing bins. To increase the natural biodiversity and the look of the town, we are also looking for higher wildflower planting targets, more utilisation of green spaces for better biodiversity mixes, and an outright ban on the use of pesticides in Kinsale.”

“This plan is the most important one ever. The next decade is going to see enormous challenges from Climate Change and we need to now begin changing how we get around, how we live, and how our urban spaces work with nature. These are good for the health of our environment, but as importantly they are good for our health, our wellbeing and our quality of life.”

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