6 Reasons for the rise of online casinos

6 July 2021
By Roger Jones


The covid-19 pandemic has put people indoors more, which means that people who couldn’t travel as much as they wanted can now still enjoy their favorite online casino games.  People were bored and still wanted entertainment so online casinos went online. This accelerated the move from physical to online casinos as the transition was already gradually starting to happen, as online casinos are a lot better than physical casinos as they are more convenient and save time in terms of traveling. There are more specific reasons why online casinos have become more popular, which we have listed for you below.

The free perks!

One thing that draws people in, time and time again are the promotions and bonuses, and these are essentially freebies that online casinos reward you with for signing up. They work each in their own way, so some examples of bonuses are the free spins bonus and the no deposit bonus. Free spins are used on slots and give users the opportunity to spin a certain amount of times for free, while the no deposit bonus is a bonus that is given out to people as a reward for signing up and it allows them to essentially play for free using the casino’s money. The only downfall is that there are wagering requirements for the no deposit bonus which essentially means that in order to cash out the money you need to play the game a certain amount of times and win a certain number of times above the amount to be able to withdraw your winnings. Review sites like 6Takarakuji can point you in the right direction to the best no deposit casino, among other types of online casinos.. No deposit bonuses are really good for users and the casino because both parties are receiving rewards simultaneously. This is a big reason why many people are gambling online now as well.


A large number of online casinos have taken a cue from tech and gaming for user experience, which is why a lot of online casinos are quite easy to navigate. They are also very convenient, and what makes them convenient is their layout and design, and the reason why this is beneficial is because it truly accommodates people from all walks of life.


Online casino games have definitely evolved a lot over the last few years, and it’s important to note that online casinos have a better gambling experience than physical casinos, because people are playing and enjoying their time from a place of comfort which is their own home instead of in a foreign place. The game element to it is also a huge winning factor.

Deposit options

There are many withdrawal and deposit options. Online casinos are a lot more secure nowadays than they were in the past. The main reason why this is important is for financial reasons, and a lot of people are using this to gamble at online casinos. A good online casino should think fast and provide a variety of options such as bitcoin deposits or PayPal withdrawals and so much more.

Gamble on your phone

Mobile online casinos are now a thing, which means that there are a lot of online casinos that have a mobile option. Essentially, how this works is that it enables users to continue their experience but on their mobile devices instead of their PC’s. They are becoming a lot more popular, and the reason why this is important is because they are providing ways to accommodate people from all walks of life. They are making an effort to bridge the gap between PC users and cellphone users to enable both to play on the device they feel comfortable playing on.

Better customer support

Customer service is a very important factor to look out for, and there are online casinos that are using AI to improve this and make it better for the public. The reason why this is important is because it can sway people to choose a casino or not. An online casino with poor customer service cannot be trusted, especially during times of need, whereas an online casino with a variety of options to contact customer service is viewed as a bit more trustworthy.

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