Why I chose an anti-stress weighted blanket

6 July 2021
By Roger Jones

Have you heard of weighted blankets? I didn’t even know they existed until recently. A friend of mine was under a lot of stress at work. The constant stress was preventing her from sleeping and she couldn’t concentrate on her tasks. She didn’t want to take pills and she didn’t have time to see a psychologist because of the amount of work she had to do. It was a vicious circle. She had read about the weighted blankets on some blog and shared it with me.

As soon as she told me about it, I remembered how my grandmother used to put me to bed as a little girl. When I visited her in the summer, she would cover me with a huge blanket that would literally press me onto the bed. In the morning, the smell of fresh pancakes would wake me up. It wasn’t easy to get up. I loved that feeling of security, peace and comfort, but I got out of bed for Grandma’s food.

My friend explained that weighted blankets really “heal” your soul, provide deep sleep, and help produce happiness hormones. It sounded like utopia, but she sent me some links. That’s how I found out that blankets come in different sizes and weights, so they fit even children. The product relieves anxiety and solves problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

A weighted blanket is smaller than a normal blanket because it is not meant to affect the bed, but your body. Its quilted pockets are evenly distributed with filler, which gives it the weight it needs. You can opt for Himalayan salt or buckwheat, but they are not as practical as plastic granules or glass balls. The latter two can be cleaned repeatedly.

My friend and I continued our search for the perfect weighted blanket together. We chose to buy products with glass balls inside, but we could not find them in our city. Some brands were asking so much money that we already wanted to give up the idea. But then we saw many positive reviews of the Wypur brand on the internet, went to their website and were surprised at the price.

And now there are two more lucky people in the world. 100% cotton has a pleasant effect on the skin. It is very comfortable to sleep under this fabric. Of the three size options, we chose the smallest – 122x183cm. It weighs 7kg. You can find rave reviews from owners of weighted blankets on the website. I now read this and understand them completely. It feels like you are sleeping on a cloud.

My friend was able to complete her old tasks at work, got a promotion, and started smiling more often. Her boss saw how much energy she had and gave her a good position. She said that this is what she had been missing all this time – a good night’s sleep.

All the other blankets seem too light to me now. When I stay somewhere as a guest I ask for two quilts, so that it feels more like my home. To everyone I know, I advertise my purchase as something unreal, because it is. I slept better in the first week than I have in the last ten years. In fact, two more weighted blankets from the Wypur website are on their way to my house now. I decided that my parents would also appreciate this product. Older people often have trouble sleeping. I want to take care of my loved ones as much as possible and share in their happiness.

Buying a weighted blanket not only helped me with my sleep but also brought me back to childhood memories. My grandmother knew a lot about blankets. That’s why there was such a nice atmosphere in her house.

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