Bandon Rebel Week

Bandon Rebel Week 2013 will take place between the 14th & 20th
October, 2013. It will be a week-long celebration of “all things
Bandon and Cork” with a specific focus on bringing international
visitors and family home to Bandon to partake in a jam packed schedule
of events. Bandon has been selected as a host town for Cork Rebel Week
and will host a fifty piece marching band during the inaugural

Chairperson of the Bandon Rebel Week Committee, Gearóid, has said
plans are going very well and Rebel Week 2013 is an opportunity for
the community not to be missed.

Preparations for the first ever Rebel Week are well underway. Our
event guide is filling up quickly with some fantastic highlights
already stealing the imagination of our community. A Rebel Red Tie
Ball, Food Fest, a family fun day by the river, a breakfast
commemorating Michael Collin’s birthday and a Céilí Mór are just a few
events which are in the pipeline.’

Bandon has been selected as a host town and we will see an
International marching band taking residence in our the town during
this week. In addition to this Bandon’s diary of events shall be
advertised and promoted across the world. With a global spotlight on
our community, this October is truly an opportunity for Bandon to

To ensure that we capitalise on this opportunity and make the most for
our community we need to work together to ensure we provide a varied
event guide which will appeal to many groups of people and introduce
the world to Bandon’s culture, history and everything our great town
has to offer.’

‘We are appealing to everyone who has travelled further afield to
return home for this festival. The essence of the gathering is to
bring our loved ones home and this message is at the heart of Rebel
Week 2013 planning. On Tuesday night we launched a postcard campaign
and we are challenging people to pick up at least 3 postcard
invitations in local businesses and send to their friends and families
who are living away.’

‘We are also targeting a number of high profile diaspora such as
Graham Norton, who is delighted to have our new river walkway called
after him.’

Although Bandon is one of nine host towns, we want to provide a robust
and appealing event guide which will ensure our international visitors
make the trip home an annual one.’

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