Health Minister in denial over Govt Medical Card Policy – says FF Opposition

19th October 2013, Saturday
By Reporter

Fianna Fáil’s Health Spokesperson Billy Kelleher says the continuing
denial by the Government that there has been any change of policy in
relation to the allocation of discretionary medical cards is farcical.

Deputy Kelleher commented: “I find it astounding that the Taoiseach,
The Minister for Health and the Government continue to blatantly deny
there has been a change in Government policy in relation to
discretionary medical cards.

“This is despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary from a number
of independent GPs not to mention the stream of distressed families
having to resort to going public with the plight of their loved ones.

“The Government are insulting people’s intelligence by denying there
has been a change. People know what is going on. Every TD in Leinster
House also knows there has been a change as constituency offices are
inundated with stories of seriously ill people having their medical
cards taken off them for no apparent reason.

“I would urge Minister Reilly to stop digging and finally admit what
is going on. To consistently pedal the line that this is not an issue
shows just how arrogant and alienated this Government has become.

“Over 130,000 more medical cards are in danger of being taken away
from the most sick and needy people. To deny there has been a cull of
medical cards is the ultimate insult to the thousands of distressed
families throughout the country that have had their medical cards
cruelly taken off them.”

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