Cork Govt TD says income tax will fall in budget

7 October 2015
By Bryan Smyth

Sometimes you’d swear that Government TD’s are on the opposition benches. Fine Gael TD for Cork South Central, Jerry Buttimer has said today that next week’s Budget should be used to continue to reduce the amount of taxes paid by workers. But hasn’t the Government been in power for the last four years?

Nevertheless who wouldn’t welcome an income tax reduction, Jerry Buttimer today said:

“If we are to continue our economic recovery, we need to ease taxation on hard pressed workers. I would like to see a reduction in the USC, so that working people will have more money in their pockets at the end of each month. The USC, which was introduced by Fianna Fáil after they had ruined our economy, hit working people extremely hard.


“Thanks to continued economic growth, which has been brought about by significant job creation, we are now in a position whereby we can afford to reduce the taxation burden on people. I believe this should take the form of a reduction in USC payments.

“Since we came into office, 410,000 low paid people no longer pay income tax or USC. We hope to increase that number to 500,000 in next week’s budget.

“We reduced taxes on all workers in last year’s budget announcement and I believe we need to follow suit this year. Doing so will make a significant difference for working families and individuals.

“Putting more money in people’s pockets leads to more money being spent on goods and services, and more jobs being created, which is good news for everyone.”

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