Number 1 provider of part-time Finance Directors launches in Ireland

23 November 2015
By Tom Collins


The FD Centre, the number one global provider of part-time Finance Directors, recently launched in Ireland. Chartered Accountant and experienced financial advisor, David Hyland, has been appointed CEO of the FD Centre in Ireland. The FD Centre provides owner-managed businesses with high calibre part-time Finance Directors who work in regional teams to support clients – a flexible cost-effective solution to a full-time equivalent.

David Hyland explains, “A key part of our role is to help busy Managing Directors off-load the worry and burden of the finance function and allow them to focus on growing their businesses. When you take on a full-time Finance Director, the business takes on a high cost and is limited to that person’s skills and experience. Taking on a part-time Finance Director with The FD Centre means your business has critical high level finance skills in the key areas of strategy, operations and business support needed for the business to succeed. We help businesses to achieve the goals their founders set by successfully managing the areas where the client most needs help, for example, risk assessment, funding, cash flow management, profit improvement, reports and internal controls, to name a few”.

The Irish economy is improving month on month and as David says, “The timing is ideal for The FD Centre in Ireland. There is a large number of indigenous SMEs that need Finance Director level expertise but don’t have the budget to employ someone full-time. We can plug that gap and eliminate the huge risk to the business from an under resourced finance function”.

The FD Centre Group managed over €5bn of combined client revenue in 2014 and fast-tracked clients’ international growth in ten countries. It is the leading global provider of part time FDs in the UK, mainland Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australasia and Africa. Last year, in a survey of client companies, 81% ranked The FD Centre’s service as “exceptional”.

David, through his existing advisory business Hyland Private, has provided Finance Director support to a number of owner-managed businesses for the past ten years, successfully steering clients through the recession. He is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years’ experience in practice prior to establishing Hyland Private.

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