What shall we do with the Lord Mayors Pavilion in Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork

1 December 2015
By Tom Collins


Cork City Council are looking for proposal from creative/entrepreneurial/cultural individuals or groups to lease the Lord Mayors Pavilion, Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork as a cultural or creative space for a defined period.

The individuals/groups proposals should seek to “animate” the pavillion and “engage” with the public and the park surrounds. The use proposed should complement other facilities in the park and meet visitors’ expectation and market demand. The product should be capable of being marketed jointly with other on‐site attractions. The space can be used for classes, camps or workshops but can also be entrepreneurial in nature (e.g. design workshop/studio/craft/film/circus/theatre etc).

It is proposed to award the tender in January 2016 and the Lord Mayor’s Pavillion should open and in use by March 2016.

The completed proposal should be submitted on or before Friday the 11th of December 2015 at 12noon.


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