Cork Fertility Centre hosts International Egg Donation Information Day

9 June 2016
By David O’Sullivan


Leading fertility and IVF clinic, Cork Fertility Centre, has joined forces with renowned US based Shady Grove Fertility to host an information seminar on their joint egg donation treatment programme. The free seminar will take place in The River Lee Hotel, Cork on Saturday June 11th at 2pm. Almost 50% of couples who have accessed Shady Grove’s egg donation programme through the Cork Fertility Centre have become pregnant on their first attempt.

Cork Fertility Centre’s Medical Director, Dr John Waterstone, will be joined by Shady Grove Fertility’s Dr Gilbert Mottla to provide advice and information on the day. The joint initiative enables patients to access support services provided locally by the team at Cork Fertility Centre, while availing of Shady Grove’s egg donor programme, which is the largest in the US.

The seminar is an opportunity for individuals and couples to learn first-hand about the egg donation treatment process, and to have any questions answered by fertility and egg donation experts. Egg donation involves the substitution of a younger woman’s eggs for a woman’s own eggs. Egg donation treatment can be recommended where ovarian function is very poor, and where a pregnancy using the woman’s own eggs is extremely unlikely. Women considering egg donation treatment may also have undergone a premature menopause, had their ovaries surgically removed or may have had non-functioning ovaries from birth.

Speaking about the collaborative programme, Dr Waterstone said “Shady Grove Fertility delivers highly successful treatment without unnecessary and expensive tests which is perfectly in tune with Cork Fertility Centre’s philosophy of care. The clinic also offers a unique service where they will treat a couple with up to six cycles of egg donation and will refund the couple completely if they have not become pregnant.”

Cork Fertility Centre’s Egg Donation Coordinator, Eilis McCarthy added “In Ireland, egg donation is altruistic, meaning women can only be reimbursed for medical and travel expenses incurred during screening and during the egg donation treatment cycle. Many other countries pay egg donors and so have a supply of eggs readily available. It is for this reason many Irish couples are forced to travel abroad. At Cork Fertility Centre we are delighted to help and support these couples accessing Shady Grove’s treatment programme.”

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