SEVEN HEADS PENUNSULA: MEP wants rural Cork area to be included on Wild Atlantic Way

7 June 2017
By Elaine Murphy
It is widely agreed in Cork tourism circles that the Wild Atlantic Way is the best thing since sliced bread. It is a marketed driving route stretching from Cork to Donegal.
When the Wild Atlantic Way was being created by Failte Ireland almost every Town and Village wanted to be included. Notably; Kinsale was included, even though it is not on the Atlantic. Well, for arguments sake it actually opens onto the ‘Celtic Sea’, which it is said is a part of the Atlantic. but let’s not get too sidetracked because Kinsale’s existing Tourism credentials were such that it had to be included regardless.
Other towns and villages were not so lucky. It seems that Failte Ireland wanted to avoid cul-de-sacs. This ruled out many peninsulas, which also lacked 80-100 kph ‘R’ roads.
Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has now called on Failte Ireland to reconsider its decision to exclude the Seven Heads Peninsula from the route.
It is understood that Failte Ireland considered Courtmacsherry but ruled it out.

The Ireland South MEP made the comments after speaking to community groups in Courtmacsherry at the village’s local shop.

“Frankly, I’m stunned that Courtmacsherry and the rest of the Seven Heads Peninsula is for whatever reason not on the Wild Atlantic Way,” she said.

“Not only is the area the very definition of picturesque with an incredibly unique maritime history but it seems to me to fit exactly what the Wild Atlantic Way is all about. The Seven Heads region hugs the coastline the whole way around while the current route takes people somewhat inland, which I would have thought was contrary to the spirit of the promotion.

“A very simple adjustment could include the area in the route with no other areas losing out. It would bring much needed investment into a region that has had to look after itself.

“A perfect example of the community spirit here is the co-operative Courtmacsherry Community Shop. The shop is one of the few amenities in the area but also boasts an extensive book exchange programme and a developing museum that looks out onto the oldest lifeboat station in Ireland. And I can also confirm that its much celebrated new ice cream machine is indeed world class.”

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