HEALTH: Knee pain – Arthritis Sufferers in Cork invited to clinical trial

29 August 2017
By Elaine Murphy


Clinical trials company Atlantia, which is based in Cork, is looking for arthritis sufferers in Cork to partake in a new study into investigating the effect of:

– natural fish extracts on alleviating the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee
– raspberry extract on reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee

The trial, which has already begun for some participants, will take place at the Atlantia headquarters in Blackrock in Cork over the coming months.

Barry Skillington, Director at Atlantia Food Clinical Trials explained,
“We are looking for approximately 200 people to take part in our trial – interest has been strong thus far – sadly, the fact that so many people are affected by this disease means that there is a big pool of people from which our participants can come”.

Atlantia are inviting those who are interesting in participating in this study to register for a screening assessment by contacting Niamh on 087-1648153. You can also Email, or Linda on

Barry, spoke of what they hope to achieve with the study,

“One in five[1] of us in Ireland will suffer with some form of arthritis over the course of our lives and, for the majority, it will take the form of osteoarthritis. The disease can range from mild to chronic but its prevalence is increasing significantly. It has been forecasted that the frequency of osteoarthritis cases is expected to double by 2020.

In Ireland – over 30% of all GP visits in Ireland relate to arthritic conditions – so finding ways to alleviate pain for sufferers is crucial. If these studies are successful, participants and other sufferers in Ireland could end up benefiting from cutting edge treatment.

While there has been a significant amount of research conducted into this disease, there remains a lot that has yet to be discovered by medical professionals around effective and long-term treatment. It is also the case that the condition often goes underdiagnosed so many people could actually be suffering in silence”.

The Trial
– Are you aged between 30 & 75 years and been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee?

– Do you have a healthy weight, with a BMI between 18.5 and 29.9 kg/m2

– Do you have documented diagnosis of osteoarthritis (OA) of the target knee

– Suffer from mild to moderate pain, which is not adequately controlled with anti-inflammatory drugs

About Atlantia
Atlantia is an Irish Cork-based Food Clinical Trials company. On behalf of more than 50% of the biggest food companies in the world, Atlantia conducts clinical research across a wide range of foods and their extracts, measuring intake and impact on food study participants. Atlantia is proud to be at the forefront of food clinical research, with a clear vision that ‘working together we can make a nutritional difference’.

The company developed from within the APC – Microbiome Institute framework in 2011 in UCC, where it was based until 2013. The company’s vision is to become the world leader in the advancement of the nutritional treatment of key global health challenges, through the use of natural food derivatives.

To date, Atlantia have worked with more than half of the top ten global food companies. The bases of the trials have been wide-ranging and the trial has been conducted across a diversity of health areas such as Sports Performance, Cardiovascular, Cognitive Function, Muscle Loss in the Elderly, Oral health etc.