CORK COUNTY COUNCIL: County Mayor encourages people to make submissions on CITY boundary expansion into COUNTY

15 September 2017, Friday
By Elaine Murphy

Cork County Mayor Cllr Declan Hurley

The Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Declan Hurley, is encouraging the people, communities and businesses across Cork to have their say on the boundary alteration proposal put forward by Cork County Council under Section 29 of the Local Government Act 1991.

“The people of Cork have been listening to commentary in relation to boundary matters for the last number of weeks. One clear message that has come across is that there is a desire by Cork people to be involved in shaping their future; for Cork people to be afforded an opportunity to have their say. Cork County Council recognises this and has put a public consultation system in place to facilitate it. A boundary proposal document has been prepared by the Council and is available for inspection by the public for views and comment”

Today marks the launch of the two month public consultation period. An expanded City area is proposed, seeing Cork City’s geographic area expand from its current 38 square kilometres to 70 square kilometres, an almost doubling in size. This proposal, if implemented, would result in Cork City constituting almost two thirds of the size of Dublin City Council’s area, reflecting its status as the second city in the state. Responsibility for areas such as Ballyvolane, Douglas, Grange, Rochestown and Togher would transfer from the County Council to the City Council.

A MERGER is off the table, the question now is solely how much of a BOUNDARY EXTENSION the City Council will enjoy.

“This proposal would see the geographic area of the city increase by 84% and its current population increasing immediately by 32%, with the potential for the City’s population to grow to 283,000 over time.”

“The proposal also supports the established community structures that have been developed and maintained across Cork County in recent times. These community structures are vital to underpinning a successful Cork where quality of life is placed at the heart of everything that we do. This sense of community identity and pride must be sustained for the future.”

Mayor Hurley went on to say, “I am urging the people of Cork to examine this proposal and let their views be known. We all want what is best for Cork, both for today and for tomorrow. I strongly believe that this boundary alteration proposal provides a significant opportunity for our City to grow and develop in tandem with a sustainable county.”

The proposal document is available to view

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