CORK CULTURE NIGHT: War of the Buttons – 23 Year Reunion

22 September 2017
By Elaine Murphy

Cork Culture Night takes place this evening!

There are over 200 events taking place in more than 100 venues across Cork City and film plays a big part in this years programme.

War of the Buttons is one of the free screenings taking place in City Hall Concert Hall today at 5.15pm. This 1994 film has great ties to Cork, as it was shot in West Cork, and a lot of the buttons used in the movie were supplied by Cork Button Company. If you’d believe it the movie is 23 years old this year and some of the cast and crew haven’t seen each other in those 23 years! Today seven of the cast are using the opportunity for a reunion in Cork. Cast members who will be present are:

  • Greg Fitzgerald (Fergus)
  • Eveanna Ryan (Marie)
  • Gerard Kearney (Big Con)
  • Stuart Furan (Titch)
  • Derek O Leary (Brendan)
  • Brendan Mc Namara (Tim)
  • Paul Batt (Gorilla)

Eveanna coming is from Galway, Stuart and Greg coming from Dublin, Brendan from London. Paul and Ger are best friends since meeting on set and were groomsmen at each others wedding.This duo have just finished their first film directed and produced by them titled 255111. Brendan is a casting director in London and been involved in big films like The Borne Identity, Taken etc.

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