POLITICS: Cork TD expresses ‘shock and disgust’ at vicious assaults

13 November 2017
By Elaine Murphy


Sinn Féin TD, and Justice Spokesperson Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire, has expressed his shock and disgust at a number of serious assaults in Cork over the weekend.

“It is truly sickening to see the vicious, and cowardly nature of these assaults on our streets. To see a man attacked at his front door with a hammer, to see an assault on a man near a cemetery, and a large gang viciously assault, with weapons, and stab two young teenagers on their way home from a shopping centre, it is truly appalling and shocking.”

“I hope that those who suffered those assaults make a full recovery following what have been deeply traumatic experience.”

“These assaults are reprehensible, and the community is appalled I know. I hope that an Garda Síochána find those responsible, and that they face justice. I urge anyone with information to pass this on to the Gardaí.”

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