TRAFFIC CALMING: Speed ramps installed on Assumption Road, Blackpool

18 January 2018
By Elaine Murphy

Cork City Fianna Fail Councillor Dr John Sheehan has welcomed the introduction of speed ramps on Assumption Road.

“I believe these speed ramps will act as a deterrent to drivers thinking about speeding on the assumption road. Cars going at slower speeds will make it safer for other drivers on the road. With speed being a primary factor in car accidents on our roads I welcome the new speed ramps, making the area safer for everyone including pedestrians. As there isn’t a footpath the whole way up the road it will make it a safer area for pedestrians who walk up and down the road”

“I believe they will be very helpful in traffic calming measures in the area”

“I believe these speed ramps will have a longer lasting affect compared to slow down road signs as drivers physically have to lower their speed as they approach them”

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