Apartments in Cork City Centre for social housing

29 March 2019
By Bryan Smyth

Cork City Council, in collaboration with Cluid Housing Association, has announced the purchase of a ‘turnkey’ multi-unit central city residential scheme at Leeside, Bachelor’s Quay, as a part of the Rebuilding Ireland programme.

The riverside scheme, which has been acquired by Cluid, comprises 72 homes that are available to applicants eligible for social housing supports. The scheme has been developed to an extremely high standard and contains a range of housing unit types and sizes.

An additional 6 housing units have been purchased by Cluid Housing Association and will be rented to the private sector.

Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Mick Finn, a councillor in the area, said: “These homes and the hundreds of others either under construction, purchased or leased are a tangible example of what the City Council and Approved Housing Bodies can do when funding becomes available”.
“I’m sure it’s a relief for existing tenants also. We need more of this and more reconfiguring of commercial buildings in the absence of large estate builds,” he said.

Brian Geaney, Cork City Council’s Director of Services for Housing, said“This project is another example of the Council taking a pioneering role in relation to the delivery of social housing & its willingness to take a multi-faceted approach to finding solutions to housing challenges in the City”.

Mr Geaney paid tribute to Cluid Housing Association ” for its professionalism, agility and commitment which were all necessary for the efficient delivery of a residential scheme of this scale in a city centre location”.

What is Cluid
Clúid Housing is a not-for-profit organisation which according delivers “high quality, affordable homes to people on the housing waiting list all over Ireland. Clúid also provides housing and estate management and tenant services. Clúid enables people to create thriving communities.”


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