How to find the best online casinos in the UK

25 June 2019
By Roger Jones


Follow the tips below to help make your online casino search successful

The online gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the UK. Revenues from the remote sector breached the £5 billion mark last year with continued double-digit growth forecast for the coming 12 months.

Along with these impressive revenues, the sector also boasts eye-watering profits, making it an exciting investment opportunity for entrepreneurs. As with any industry that’s grown large in a short space of time, there are gambling operators with various levels of quality. The worst casino in the country will be bland, uninspiring and unaware of the type of site design web users and online players prefer. On the other hand, the best operators have an exciting range of exclusive games, a clear navigation structure and attractive bonuses for players new and current.

But what should you be looking for when you make your comparisons?

Exclusive games

Despite there being an enormous amount of online casinos available in the UK there are only a limited amount of game developers. Very few online casinos develop and publish their own games – instead buying them from a small number of recognised firms. This means that there’s a large amount of symmetry in the market, with the majority of online casinos providing the exact same games to customers just with a different colour scheme.

If you want the best online casino, find one which has developed their own proprietary games – or at least has exclusive access to the best ones – and has customised the front end of their website. The ability to offer a unique service that can’t be found elsewhere is the biggest selling point of any online casino – and only a few elite operators are able to boast that.

Variety of games

Slots are the most profitable games in real life and online casinos. As such most online providers have a pretty good selection. Today’s slot games are themed around a variety of niches – including music, movies and more. New games are released on a weekly basis, as developers have really upped their game to start churning out quality as well as quantity.

But it shouldn’t all be about slot machines – there should be a good variety of other games available to play too. This includes roulette, blackjack and poker in their various forms. The absolute pinnacle of online casino gaming these days is the live casino. This innovative platform allows players to interact with dealers via high-quality audio and video link – giving them the power to get an authentic, real-time casino experience anytime, anywhere and using any device.

Fast mobile speeds

When they first entered the app world, online casino apps were seemingly produced on the cheap with the result being slow servers, clunky user tools and a downright poor experience for the customer. However, given that more internet users browse on their mobile device than their desktop PC, there’s more pressure than ever for online casinos to optimise their offerings for handheld devices.

Quick loading speeds are a must for any website hoping to keep hold of a mobile user for more than a few seconds – it’s also a factor Google takes into account when ranking sites in its search engine results. In 2015 the tech giant launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages project, which had the specific purpose of making browsing a speedy experience for mobile users. As a result, online casinos upped their games by stripping down their HTML and simplifying their site structure to achieve quick loading times. Therefore, one of the hallmarks of a good online casino is how quickly it loads.


For some people, it’s more than enough excitement to battle it out with strangers in a random lobby every night. For the seasoned gambler or the ambitious player, it’s all about online tournaments. Not only should you seek out an online casino with regular tournaments but you should look for one with reputable tournaments and comps. If you’re a good poker player but don’t have the cash to buy yourself into the WSOP, look for an online casino that offers comps to qualify.

Slick design and simple navigation

Choose an online casino that’s gone to the effort of developing an aesthetically pleasing site

When you’re looking for an online casino to play at, choose an online casino with a slick website design – it shows their level of commitment to your experience while playing. For example, you should be able to access the game you want to play within a couple of clicks of landing on the homepage, thanks to an easy-to-play layout. The site structure should be simple, with lots of drop-down menus, icons and signposting to let you find your way around quickly. To see if a site is easy to use you can check out reviews, you should also check out this 1xbet mobile app by Nostrabet.

An insightful blog

The best online casinos will feature a blog on their website – this ensures they can be counted on as experts within the industry. Insightful blog posts written by esteemed authors should immediately gain your trust. The blog is there to help you and give you the confidence to come out on top in whatever game you choose.

A blog featuring detailed guides written by experts is clearly worth some of your time. For example, Henry Tamburin Ph.D is a specialist on blackjack – he’s produced a comprehensive guide on blackjack strategy for one of the most famous online casinos, this guide is perfect for both beginners and experienced players, giving this particular online casino the edge over their competitors.

Speedy registration

Nothing quite kills your gambling vibe as much as having to fill out 5,000 questions before you can sign-up to an online casino. Of course, it’s important that online casinos safeguard against underage gambling but you should be looking for a site that doesn’t take an age to let you in.

If signing up is a long process look elsewhere, it’s probably an indicator that you’ll have trouble contacting support or withdrawing cash in the long run.


Before you sign yourself up to a particular website, remember that you are the one with all the power. The online casino will want you to sign-up with them so make sure you choose one that makes it worth your while with a decent welcome bonus.

Check the terms and conditions before signing up to any particular website to make sure you’re not being hoodwinked into joining. Keep an eye out for good welcome bonuses that require no minimum wagers.

Some prominent online casinos offer daily deals, free spins, and one-off chances to win big. A good online operator will also recognise the need to reward current players while reaching out to new ones.

Cashing out & jackpots

When you’ve won your money, you’ll want to access it as soon as possible. Frustratingly, there are a lot of online casinos that will make you wait to get your money. Check customer reviews to get an idea of cash out times and avoid providers that hold onto their customers’ money for too long.

Also, check out the regular jackpots on offer with the online casino you’re signing up to. At the end of the day, many people gamble to make money, so make sure you choose a provider with generous jackpots.

Customer care

Last but by no meant least, is customer care. You can always tell a quality casino by how it treats its customers – so if you don’t immediately see an obvious way for you to get in touch, it’s probably a bad sign. The best online gambling operators offer support on every platform – including Live Chat, email and over the phone.


As the online gambling market grows in the coming years, these elements will become increasingly important. With more customers arriving into the market and looking to play their favourite games, these gulfs in quality will become even more apparent – and it’ll become all the more obvious where the best games, bonuses and jackpots are, if it isn’t already.

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