PERFECT SCHOOL ATTENDANCE: 100 Cork school children receive award from Lord Mayor

23 October 2019
By Bryan Smyth

The average primary school pupil misses 10 days each school year, and the average secondary student misses 13 days a year, but these students missed none.

100 students from primary and secondary schools in Cork will gather in Cork City Hall today to receive awards from the Cork Lord Mayor for never missing a day in school for eight or more consecutive years. This year 16 sets of siblings will receive awards and in one family four siblings – who between them have a cumulative total of 43 years unbroken attendance at school – will receive awards.

Speaking about the ceremony, Dan O’ Shea, Regional Manager, Tusla Educational Welfare Service, said “Research has shown again and again that regular school attendance lays the foundation for developing good social skills and relationships and achieving success at work. Children who attend school regularly are more likely to stay in school and achieve better educational outcomes.

“The achievements of the students today are even more impressive when you take into account that the average primary school pupil misses 10 days each school year and the average secondary student misses 13 days a year,” he added.

Congratulating the students, Lord Mayor Councillor Councillor John Sheehan, said: “Cork City is proud of you all and I applaud your efforts. Unbroken school attendance is a remarkable achievement and is not simply down to good health. It is only possible in a school environment where young people feel secure and fulfilled and where there is a strong foundation of support and encouragement from the family”, he said.
He added, “I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate the other people in your lives who made your perfect attendance possible – your schools and your families.
Finally, I would like to thank the Educational Welfare Service of the Child and Family Agency, Tusla for organising the ceremony today and for their hard work and endeavours to secure a better education for those experiencing difficulties with school attendance”, he added.

The annual school attendance award ceremony is a historic event dating back to the 1920’s is the only event of its kind in Ireland. Each recipient receives a trophy and a certificate of merit. The ceremony is a joint venture of Cork City Council and Tusla’s Educational Welfare Service, which is charged with promoting children’s attendance, participation and retention in education.

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