How to maintain windows properly

16 December 2019
By Bryan Smyth

You may have recently purchased an apartment or a house and would like to keep it in new condition all the time. There are different rooms in the house and its surroundings that you might take care of. But the one that is mostly neglected by many homeowners is windows. Timely and proper maintenance will ensure that your house appears attractive and increase its value. Cleaning them from time to time also helps to reduce energy costs. It also helps to avoid deterioration of the frames.


Some tips to follow

  • Professional inspection: The installation or repair expert should inspect them periodically to check if there are signs of degradation or wear that requires maintenance. Also, the professional being an expert will be in a position to point out those areas in the aluminium windows which require immediate maintenance.
  • Broken or cracked panes: This will only allow leakage of heat during winter, which can be dangerous. So panes, if found cracked or broken, should be repaired or replaced without any delay. This is best done by a professional. 
  • Check for moisture within the frames: You need to examine very carefully to identify condensation or moisture signs within them or the frames. It may also include mould or water droplets. Moisture if found can be signs of the seal leaking somewhere within the frame and has to be replaced immediately. 
  • Check rubber seals: They help to hold the glass firmly within the frame and protect the latter from getting falling down, especially during windy conditions. But with time, the seals may deteriorate and crack and hence, will have to be replaced to avoid damage of the glass. They are to be inspected twice a year. Only the professionals should replace the seals. 

  • Caulk windows: Identify if there are any gaps that have come up between the casing or frame and the wall. If such gaps are found, then use caulk to fill them up. This – in turn – creates a powerful airtight seal, which further helps to prevent moisture from entering into the home and damage your belongings. 
  • Replace weather stripping: It is present within the frame’s groove. It helps retain energy and heat and does not allow it to escape. Also, it does not allow moisture to leak in. if it appears broken, cracked or if the pieces are missing, then it is better replaced. 

Be it aluminium or sash windows, taking care of them will make increase their functionality and longevity.

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