Free groceries, free meals, and free delivery for front-line medical teams

3 April 2020
By Elaine Murphy

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fudi&more, a Cork-based eatery with four outlets and a large-scale grocery distribution and food production facility in Marina Commercial Park, Cork, has today answered Ireland’s call to ensure that crucial front-line medical staff receive the nutrition and care they deserve in the escalating COVID-19 emergency.

Following on An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar’s statement that restaurant, delivery and takeout services provide a valuable service to the nation (and that Irish people get a ¼ (25%) of their calories from takeaway meals), Song Ye, owner of fudi&more, who has been operating successfully in the healthy take-away on and offline business for over four years, felt it was his civic duty to roll out a complimentary quick-turnaround take-away food and grocery offering to the already stressed front-line medical teams who are selflessly managing the COVID-19 crisis in our region’s hospitals.

‘My team of international chefs and nutritionists have already gleaned a stellar reputation for their innovative healthy and clean food options, sourced from the Cork local area, and prepared under strict health and safety guidelines as dictated under COVID-19. Safely prepared good food is our number one priority, and while we have enjoyed impressive repeat business to date, we are now very pleased to play our part in getting through this crisis by assisting those hard-working medical teams as they attempt to beat this awful threat that is endangering our society. We are ready to answer their call’ said Song Ye.

fudi&more’s take-away food and extensive grocery stock can be viewed through their app which can be downloaded from their website A click and collect system is also available. Medical front-line staff will be entitled to a €20 voucher per week for one month (€10 for meals and €10 for groceries including delivery). Those wishing to avail of these vouchers should contact fudi&more by emailing or telephoning 021 4947888 and will need a scan or photograph of their medical staff ID card or another relevant documentation. These front-line staff should then download the app, register an account and fudi&more will put the vouchers in to their account each week for one month.

Grocery orders will be delivered from 8am to 4pm daily, and all orders in the city centre will be delivered as early as the same day or at least the next day. Takeaway orders will be delivered from 4pm to 11pm and once processed, are guaranteed to reach medical teams in the hospitals within 30 minutes, while the general public’s orders will reach them within 45 to 60 minutes. Deliveries of groceries and meals cover all of Cork city including Douglas, Ballincolig,Blackpool,Wilton,Mahon and more. With the closure of restaurants and the increased difficulty for people to go out and buy daily essentials, this service will be particularly useful. This of course will be especially beneficial to self-isolating families, with essential grocery and food items available for safe delivery to their doorsteps, along with the healthy food takeaway options.

‘As a local enterprise with a team of 7 experienced chefs on hand at any one time at our food hub, a fleet of 30 transport vehicles transversing the Cork city region, a dedicated customer service team and a yen to provide a transparent and quality food service to Cork’s healthcare heroes, and those who are in self-isolation or enforced isolation, we feel we have just the right ethos to make this a service that is both relevant and nutritional in these challenging times. We wish everyone well as we face this challenge together’ said Song Ye.

fudi&more’s ingredients are foraged locally to create the freshest chef-inspired cuisine from around the world. The company only partners with those who understand their mission and who share a vision to build a brand with a real purpose – that purpose being to eat well and live well. fudi&more believe that sourcing sustainably is what is better for the earth, and what is better for the earth is usually better for the body. With a true commitment to the clean food movement, fudi&more cook to order a wide range of global cuisine including traditional Asian Street food, classical Chinese and Italian favourites as well as organic salads, and a fudi-fit offering. The brand combines seasonal local ingredients with fresh produce while remaining healthy, convenient and affordable. Their mission is to provide Cork with a one stop drop for a healthier, hassle-free life.

To find out more about fudi&more, follow @fudiandmore on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Visit for information on how to download the app.

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