Cork County Council show 51% increase in Social Housing delivery

29 May 2020
By Bryan Smyth

File photo to show social housing in Co Cork.
Picture: David Keane

Figures published by the Dublin based Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government last week, on social housing delivery by local authorities for 2019, showed an increase in stock and a record level of public investment across the country.

The construction of social housing in County Cork increased by 47% from the 2018 figure, growing from 295 units, in 2018, up to 433 in 2019. Overall delivery of social housing, including acquisitions and leases, increased by 51%, from 410 (in 2018) to 619 units delivered last year.

Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey, commenting on the recently published statistics, said

“The figures released by the Department of Housing demonstrate Cork County Council’s continued year on year expansion in the delivery of social housing. Our 3-year construction targets for 2018-2020 were set out at 1,094 units but our projected numbers outstrip these targets, with 1,395 units expected to be delivered during the period overall. Despite the impact of Covid19 restrictions Cork County Council has taken a proactive approach to ensure the recommencement of activity as soon as possible, complying with all relevant protocols & safety measures, and we anticipate a further 507 newly built social housing units will be provided in County Cork this year.”

Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Ian Doyle, welcomed the figures, saying

“It’s very heartening to see this investment and growth in our social housing stock, both nationally, and here in County Cork. Nobody should be without a home and this public health crisis has really brought the issue to the fore more than ever. Cork County Council is committed to ensuring the provision of suitable, cost effective, high quality accommodation to meet housing needs. Affordable housing is a fundamental element of healthy and strong communities and I am happy to see the continued growth in the provision of same by the Council.”

Recent photo of the County Mayor Cllr Doyle

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