How to Write the Best College Admissions Resume

17 June 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Students hoping to be accepted for college in North America need to make a good initial impression. In most cases, that means being able to send a high school resume for college admission which portrays the applicant in a positive way.  A college application resume should lay out a student’s skills and achievements in a logical and clear way. Students who want to know how to make a resume for college, bearing in mind it will not have been needed before, can look at college application resume examples to get the idea.

Every aspiring college student will be used to essay writing, but a college admission resume is a little different so using Canadian professional writers able to guarantee quality makes good sense. Help with a college application is perfectly acceptable. Such services are cheap and there is no question of plagiarism.

There are published deadlines for college applications. You need to prepare well in advance of your deadline. You can get help with college application essay from professionals at Edubirdie who understand the best way to present your information to the college in admission essay form. Almost everything will be factually accurate, easy to read and understand. The exceptions will be including estimates of the final grades which you hope to achieve before leaving school; they are not fact quite yet, and your subjective opinion on your skills.

College Applications Tips

You need to give thought to the best way to produce a resume for your college application, laying out a template before filling in the detail. You need to introduce yourself to the reader and give him or her information to support your application. Your resume is not an exercise in flowery prose, but you will find it marked down if there are any grammatical and spelling errors. Make sure the writing is consistent, concise, and error-free.


Your resume should always start with your basic information to introduce yourself. Name and address, telephone and email are all standard, and if you have a website, you can include that too. Social media should be included if it is professional like LinkedIn.

Academic Records

You need to list your education to date, entering the schools you have attended from the beginning and the results you have achieved in examinations. You should, in fact, start with your current school so list things in reverse date order. If you have a record of where you finished in a school class year, then add that as well. You may have a good indication of the results you are likely to achieve before leaving school and that is another way for you to indicate your ability to a college.

School Activities

Colleges are keen to see that candidates have been involved in non-academic activities at school. That may be in sport but there are other clubs that schools run outside academic hours and being involved in one or two of them is something that colleges will view favourably.

Extra-Curricular Activities & Hobbies

Applicants who can show that they have been involved in activities away from school in society as a whole will get plus marks from whoever reads the resume. Hobbies are important and demonstrate an applicant is a rounded individual who will contribute to college life if accepted.

Employment & Voluntary Work

Part-time jobs or summer work are worth mentioning in a resume. If they involve something that is closely related to the future studies you want to pursue at college, all the better. If you have done any voluntary work in the past, or are doing any currently, make sure it is included here.


You should not exaggerate but similarly, you should be happy to tell the reader of the skills you believe you possess. Where you can support skills by previous achievements that are a matter of record, you should do so.


Your resume is the first opportunity you have to impress a college and for that reason alone, it is a very important document. There is nothing wrong with making slight changes to the resume depending on which college you are applying for so that there is an emphasis on elements that may be regarded as especially important by a college. That often means reading and research on the college before applying.

Using professionals to write a resume that lays out factual information in a clear and precise way is cheap and worthwhile. Likewise, if you do the resume yourself, you should show it to someone who has the talent to provide an objective assessment of what you have written. There may be suggestions to amend the work and subsequent editing should be done to produce the final ‘’edition.’’ That is the last thing to do before posting it off well within the college deadline. 


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