Statement from Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas Residents Association

17 July 2020
By Tom Collins

Magazine Road is within walking distance of UCC. Many of the students staying there also attend CIT.

Statement from Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas Residents Association

The Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas Residents Association wish to acknowledge the courage of Sadie O’Mahony and Mairead O’Callaghan in taking this case to the District Court. The association want to thank An Garda Siochána for their support throughout these difficult times. We also wish to thank solicitor Mr David McCoy for his professional support and advice to the residents.

The residents very much welcome Judge Olann Kelleher’s ruling in accepting the evidence of the residents in relation to the house parties and the associated excessive noise at these properties and that this landlord, Mr Fachtna O’Reilly is responsible for his tenants bad behaviour.

We also welcome Judge Kelleher’s clarification that landlords can evict tenants for antisocial behaviour/excessive noise levels and that COVID-19 restrictions on evictions apply to financial issues only. This has been a very difficult and stressful eight weeks for all our residents and all we ever wanted was to enjoy our homes and community.


We believe that the current legislation on the management and upkeep of rented properties is minimal, outdated and in urgent need of change to make it relevant to 2020. No community should be left at the mercy of the personality of the landlord.

We are calling for

1. Licensing of all landlords.

2. NCT type test for rented properties where there is certain criteria to be checked and approved and that they are seen to be fit for purpose and reflect the income that can be generated, before they can be rented.

3. This licensing legislation should require landlords to be responsible for the condition of their properties, and especially the behaviour and health and safety of their tenants.

4. A public register of the owners or management companies of all rented properties.

5. We are calling on our legislators to make immediate changes to planning laws requiring that planning applications should be a statutory requirement for the change of use from a two to three bedroom residential property being converted to a multi occupancy/student accommodation with up to 8/10 bedrooms in the interest of sustainable communities.

6. We are requesting that Cork City Council put a Regeneration Plan in place for the area so as to ensure a future sustainable community.

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