Cork company launches 24-hour online pharmacy

29 July 2020
By Bryan Smyth now features your main street online with over 30,000 products in their online supermarket to include home, DIY, grocery, health and beauty products.

Online sales portal has announced the expansion of its portfolio to include iTrolley Pharmacy. The “Shop iTrolley” option allows customers to shop online anytime and simply choose a convenient time to deliver, contact-free.

“iTrolley Pharmacy” brand is launched today by iTrolley founder, Patrick Hogan, in partnership with the McCormack’s Pharmacy group.

Cork Business News: Patrick Hogan
Pic: Brian Lougheed

With seven brick and mortar Pharmacies around Ireland, it will see the product line increase by over 6,000 products within the first three months, to meet the medical needs of our nation. This is the first iTrolley Expansion since its launch, to help the people of Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic.

McCormack’s Pharmacy and online store is already seeing their focus change from instore purchases to contact-free, door to door deliveries over the last couple months and this will continue to grow with the iTrolley Pharmacy brand. offers a large marketplace of 28,000 products and services which is the first of its kind in Ireland, offering so much in one place with products sourced from around the world. From places such as Tipperary in Ireland, New Jersey in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.

The global pandemic has changed the world in the last six months; health and hygiene are at the front of everyone’s mind. From the founder Patrick Hogan, “The Irish market for medicine alone is worth €1.1 billion a year. It is a key area for online growth over the next five years.”

You can now shop at iTrolley Pharmacy online through the NRG Store Marketplace platform.

The Shop iTrolley offers customers the opportunity to save by buying wholesale quantities of certain products with savings of up to 35%. At present, shoppers can now choose from over 20,000 distinctive brands available with even more plans to expand that before the end of 2020.

Building on the success of the NRGStore model, smaller retailers and suppliers will be given an option to move to the online channel. This has worked particularly well during the recent seismic shift in retail, as many started the crisis without any online portal. has witnessed a 2000% increase in sales in the first half of this year which led to the announcement of the creation of 20 jobs over the next six months.

Local suppliers can add their product lines to the iTrolley platform for a limited time as little as €99 plus vat per quarter. These suppliers and producers can also receive support through access to various retail finance schemes.

Patrick Hogan Group Managing Director of Sea Box Group Ireland said; “These new additions to the NRG Store bring a new chapter in the growth of online. We have moved to expand our Fulfilment and Deliveries to meet this growing demand and realised there is a market for wholesale buying of certain product types. already services the market for electrical, kitchen, bathrooms, groceries and energy products. The natural progression is to include listings for certain types of grocery and beauty. In Ireland, we have fond memories of Roches Store, which had everything under one roof. But the bricks and mortar stores have taken a blow recently. Closed flagship stores, empty shopping centres, a slump in sales and risks of bankruptcy. The coronavirus has hit the larger retail world. NRGStore and iTrolley hope to offer the same type of service in the online retail era..”

Shoppers can now access iTrolley through NRG Store, a division of the Sea Box Group, currently sells over 20,000 products and 100 different services through its website including tools, furniture, smart devices and new modular homes. The website is now being adapted to support other local retailers who want to move online quickly.

Patrick Hogan added; “The world is changing. When you look at trends around the world people are moving online for their large grocery shop, we need to focus on the benefits of staying at home where possible and focus on keeping people safe and healthy.”

Taking care of our charity sector has never been more critical. The COVID-19 crisis has significantly impacted the charity sectors and the most vulnerable populations it serves. Through Shop iTrolley, people will be able to donate food or vouchers to those in our communities who need the most support, similar to the annual Cork NRG Store Food Appeal that runs at Christmas.

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