Where to get a facemask for your sports team? #CountyColours

13 August 2020
By Tom Collins

With Mandatory Facemasks now a reality, we all need to get used to the new normal of wearing a Facemask in the coming weeks or even months. What that does not mean however, is that we are confined to wearing the no-frills Chinese surgical mask all the time.

This is adequate but…
…how about this instead!

A small business based in rural Cork, CountyFaceMasks.ie, has come up with the Novel idea of creating a Cork County facemask, to break up the mundanity of the regular facemasks we see, along with showing your colours for your county.

Being a Cork business, they only thought it proper to begin the venture by supplying the local rebels with their county colours, in anticipation to the upcoming inter county championships, should they go ahead. But due to the initial demand though other major cities are in production also, with Dublin, Limerick and Galway coming on stream in the coming weeks.

Their masks are available now, and you can purchase your own cork face mask at CountyFaceMasks.ie

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