Top Scholarships for Irish American Students

13 October 2020
By Roger Jones

Winning a scholarship really helps ease the stresses of College

The cost of college tuition goes up every year and varies from country to country. If you live in a developing country and want to study in developed countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, you might find paying the cost of your study tricky. Even the locals struggle to pay for their studies if they are short on funds however a scholarship program makes it easy for people to study various courses.

What is a scholarship program? This is financial aid that a student gets when they meet certain criteria based on their skills or qualifications. Not to be confused with a student loan which has to be paid back at some points, a scholarship is like a gift that doesn’t need to be paid back at all. 

It usually comes from non-commercial organizations, corporations, colleges, and universities themselves and philanthropies. This is very helpful to people in poor countries who can’t afford high fees. If you’re an Irish American student, this article will look at several scholarship programs that you should have on your radar.  

Mitchell’s scholarship (helping the leaders of tomorrow) 

This is an incredible scholarship program named after former US Senator George J. Mitchell. He played a major role in the peace in Northern Ireland and during this course, students have their travel, living, and study expenses all covered for them at a university or college of their choice. 

While this is a very wonderful scholarship, competition is high and to be eligible for this program, you must be younger than 30 but over the age of 18. You must also hold a bachelor’s degree from a top college or university to be considered because the program says “helping the leaders of tomorrow”. It prepares you to work in a corporate setting in the future meaning there will be plenty of essay writing too.

Doyle’s scholarship (assisting young Irish Americans) 

This is another fantastic scholarship for young Irish Americans in helping them become productive members of society. To meet the criteria of this $1,000 per year scholarship, there is an essay you must submit. 

This needs to be approved by the board for them to pay the tuition for you. The essay is like an audition and if you are doubting your capabilities to produce a good quality essay, you can simply type “Custom Writings” on the search engine. You’ll find a pro essay writing service with a team of academic writers that will give you pointers and tips on how to get through this scholarship essay with flying colors. 

The stakes are very high and the margins for error are low when you apply for this scholarship. If you have to even go as far as paying to have an essay written for you by a company, it’s a chance you have to take as long as you pick a reliable company. 

Their experts will follow the requirements and guidelines to produce for you a top-quality essay to present to the board for approval. Just make sure you double-check it for plagiarism if you have to because if you submit something given to you by a company that’s copied, you’ll be disqualified. 

The Ancient Order of Hibernian scholarships (a more diverse scholarship) 

This is a $1000 scholarship program that focuses on the Irish culture. The criteria of this program are simple, you need a grandchild or a child of the ancient order of the hibernation member. This Ancient order of Hibernians also has another more diverse scholarship program. 

Grandchildren and children of the order can apply for two $2000 programs. These can be studied in universities and colleges across Ireland however, to qualify, you need to be a student at a top institution in the USA and also be accepted at a top educational institution in Ireland. 

James M. Brett Scholarship (for help studying law) 

This scholarship from Siena College is wonderful for young Irishmen who have a keen interest in law. People need lawyers to defend them in the court of the law and that’s why this field attracts so many people. 

The salary of a lawyer is very good and with this scholarship, you study for one year and it can be renewed for 4 years if you’re doing well. When you successfully finish this program, you will have a fruitful career in law.

Mary C. Reilly Memorial Scholarship (to help young women of Irish ethnicity) 

The last scholarship for Irish American students is this one which mainly focuses on young Irish women. It is provided by the providence college and to apply for this program, you must have good grades and show you can progress academically. You must also have a lot of school activities to show too before you are accepted for this program.

Benefits of a scholarship 

  • There’s no need to work. Many students have a part-time job to earn extra income while they study however, it can affect the quality of their assignment. If you have to work around 20 hours a week, you might put less effort into your papers. Scholarships eliminate the need to work and enable you to focus on getting better grades. 
  • Boosts your resume. Getting a scholarship is not easy considering thousands of people can apply for some of them. The things you achieved before are given more recognition thanks to a scholarship program on your resume. Future employers will see that you worked hard before hence the scholarship and will take a chance on giving you a job. 
  • You connect with other people. A scholarship allows you to run shoulders with people who are in the same shoes as you. You will be able to form friendships and bonds with people which can carry on even after you all graduate. It is a small world and anything can happen. A person you might meet during the scholarship program might have connections that can help you land your dream job in the future. This is why it is very important to keep in touch with people you graduate with because you never know who is connected to whom.

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