‘Cork actor’ Jeremy Irons is filming a new Netflix spy thriller

16 November 2020
By Tom Collins

The Clare Echo recently referred to Donald Trump as a ‘Clare Hotelier‘ (technically correct in that Trump has one of his many Golf Hotel’s there, at a place called Doonbeg), well in the same vein please permit us to refer to Jeremy Irons as a ‘Cork Actor’. After all, Irons was awarded the title of honorary Corkman in 2014 and has a holiday home (a restored Castle, no less!) in West Cork. Cork has been lucky to have many famous residents in recent years including Murder She Wrote actress Angela Lansbury, Film Producer David Puttnam, and so on.

Despite the current COVID19 global situation the 72-year-old English veteran actor, Jeremy Irons, is alive and well and is currently filming for a Netflix movie which will start showing in 2021.

Entertainment: Netflix’s spy thriller ‘Munich’ starring Jeremy Irons starts production

Filming is taking place in Germany, and will next move to the UK. ‘Munich’ is based on the book by best-selling author Robert Harris. Jeremy Irons plays the character of Neville Chamberlain.

It is set in Autumn 1938 as Europe stands on the brink of war. Adolf Hitler is preparing to invade Czechoslovakia and Neville Chamberlain’s government desperately seeks a peaceful solution. With the pressure building, Hugh Legat, British civil servant, and Paul von Hartmann, German diplomat, travel to Munich for the emergency Conference. As negotiations begin, the two old friends find themselves at the centre of a web of political subterfuge and very real danger. With the whole world watching, can war be averted and, if so, at what cost?

‘Munich’ coming to Netflix in 2021

  • Director: Christian Schwochow (The Crown, Bad Banks)

  • Writers: Ben Power (The Lehman Trilogy, The Hollow Crown)

  • Producer: Andrew Eaton (The Crown), Turbine Studios

  • Cast: Jeremy Irons (Neville Chamberlain), George MacKay (Hugh Legat), Jannis Niehwöhner (Paul Hartman), Sandra Hüller (Helen Winter), Liv Lisa Fries (Lenya), August Diehl, (Franz Sauer), Erin Doherty (Pamela Legat),  Martin Wuttke (Adolf Hitler)

  • Robert Harris added: “It’s great to see an actor of Jeremy Irons’s stature playing Neville Chamberlain. This will be the first time a major movie has gone beyond the cult of Winston Churchill and tried to show Chamberlain in a more sympathetic light.”

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