HAVE YOUR SAY: on upgrade of Mahon to Passage West Greenway

11 January 2021
By Tom Collins

Last month we reported on plans for a new Cafe in the former Rochestown Railway station building, by a private developer. Now, as expected, Cork City Council is advertising a public consultation on the overall upgrade. This will be the “initial public consultation” on “Phase 2” of the “Passage Railway Greenway Improvement Project” (from Mahon towards Passage West).

Thanks to the May 2019 boundary expansion Cork City Council now controls lands from Mahon to (almost) Passage West. It plans on upgrading the existing walkway along the former railway line, which is now branded as a ‘Greenway’.

The City Council is undertaking preliminary design work to improve this section of the highly popular amenity. The project aims to improve safety, increase use of the route, protect and improve biodiversity and improve access along the greenway.

The City Council would like to hear the views of residents and greenway users on the route and carpark options being considered and to hear any other information residents and users would like considered when developing this project.

A number of options are being examined to address the safety of the section that runs alongside the Rochestown Road including improving the existing route, moving the greenway to the coastline and moving the greenway to the south side of the Rochestown Road. A number of options are also being examined to address car parking in the area. Currently, on the Rochestown side, there are carparks at the entrance to Harty’s Quay and at the entrance to Hop Island, closer to Passage West.

Comments can be made in writing to the City Council or through the Cork City Council submission portal, (https://consult.corkcity.ie) where further details are available including contact details for the project team who are available for online or telephone consultation meetings. The closing date for all submissions is on or before 5:00 p.m. on Friday 5th February 2021

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