Keep up the #SocialDistancing this Paddy’s day – say Cork Hospitals

17 March 2021
By Bryan Smyth

“…is this journey really necessary,
am I keeping the appropriate distance,
following cough etiquette,
and washing my hands…”

As the temperatures are set to increase over the St. Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday, management at South / South West Hospital Group are appealing to members of the public to continue to follow the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines to ensure that they do not contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

The S/SWHG are urging members of the public not to make any unnecessary journeys outside of their 5km and to continue to reduce their social contacts and keep their distance from others. Management at the hospitals acknowledge that staying at home and staying isolated is very difficult. Nevertheless, hospitals want to remind people again that they can save lives by staying at home and following Government and Public Health guidelines.

However if people are feeling unwell, the S/SWHG is encouraging people to contact their GP/ Out of Hours Service or go to the Emergency Department if they require urgent treatment. Hospitals in the S/SWHG have separate pathways in place for Covid-19 patients and those needing other care.

Gerry O’Dwyer, CEO, South / South West Hospital Group said:

“This bank holiday, we are urging members of the public to continue to abide by the guidelines regarding Covid-19 and in particular the social distancing and travel guidelines. Across the S/SWHG, hospital staff are working tirelessly to fight this virus to provide safe, high-quality care to patients. The S/SWHG is very proud of our dedicated staff and how they have responded to this challenge. The perseverance which staff across the Group have shown and their on-going commitment to providing the best possible care is greatly appreciated.”

He continued:

“Please think before you act and ask yourself, is this journey really necessary, am I keeping the appropriate distance, following cough etiquette and washing my hands. People should be aware that our hospitals remain open for people who are unwell and need treatment. The emergency departments across the S/SWHG have a number of measures in place, patients presenting will be placed on the Covid pathway or the non-Covid pathway. So people should be assured and know that they will receive the care and treatment they need.”

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