Best casinos to visit in Ireland

13 April 2021
By Roger Jones


Ireland has a number of great casinos that can be visited, and once the conditions within the country regarding the horrible pandemic that has swept across the world, many of them will re-open and deserve a visit from gambling enthusiasts and casual bettors as soon as they can.

Indeed, with the closure of these establishments having been felt within the country, many Irish gamblers have decided to take advantage of the wide array of online mobile casinos, as they have been able to get an element of the experiences that can be felt when playing a game or two.

Of course, some would argue that a mobile casino simply cannot replace the experiences felt when at a physical establishment, though, with many of the top Irish casinos providing one that is incomparable to any other in the world.

So, with it being just a period of time before they all open up, which of the casinos available can be considered to be the best in Ireland to visit?

The Sporting Emporium

The Sporting Emporium is located in Dublin, and has been a major sports-influenced casino ever since it was created in 2005.

The casino takes on an image in how a casino would be described, as it consists of many of the features and fittings that fit the description of a traditional casino, whilst there is a modern take on it. Furthermore, the Sporting Emporium also features all of the usual casino games, such as classic table games, whilst the sports theme continues to run wild as there is a huge array of sporting events to bet on with them, as well.

Macau Sporting Club

Ireland is blessed to have two Macau Sporting Club establishments in the country, with one in the nation’s capital and one in the southern city of Cork. The latter of the two is an excellent one to visit, though, as it provides casino enthusiasts with everything they could hope for.

With a number of great games to play, from classic table games such as poker and roulette to the mobile online slot games, Macau Sporting Club also has a number of great facilities that can help to further enhance the experiences, such as a top restaurant.

Caesar’s Casino

Those that are situated out on the west coast of Ireland, or head to the west on a trip, will be pleased to know that Galway City has one of the best casinos to visit. Named after the world-famous establishment in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Casino in Galway provides casino-goers with some of the best gaming experiences possible, with a wide array of different games to choose from.

Plus, there’s a huge bingo hall in which players can play the highly popular game, whilst video poker and video slot games can all be played to a bettor’s heart’s content.

Fitzpatrick’s Casino

Limerick is host to one of the best casinos available in Ireland and is one of the best on this list. The Fitzpatrick Casino Group have an establishment in Dublin as well, but Limerick is where the best one is as this casino provides the best selection of slots and classic table games across the Emerald Island.

Furthermore, the group have been named Irish Casino Awards winner four years in a row at one point, between 2015 and 2018 (inclusive), so those visiting Limerick will certainly know that they will have a top experience.

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