Clonakilty Blackpudding unveils new packaging design

19 April 2021
By Elaine Murphy

New Look Clonakilty Dry Cure Rashers

The well-known West Cork brand has now added two new Dry Cure Rashers to their range of products: ‘Clonakilty Traditional’ and ‘Clonakilty Beechwood Lightly Smoked’. Both are made with 100% premium Irish Pork and “cured slowly for great taste and flavour”.

The Dry Cure Rasher is made using the traditional dry cure method, making them naturally free from sugar and ascorbates. The brand says it follows the same approach with Clonakilty Beechwood Rashers which are smoked very lightly using smouldering beechwood to ensure a flavoursome rasher.

“Our brand-new look includes easy open packaging, 100% Irish pork and delicious tasting rashers free-from ascorbate & sugar. Perfect to add to a BLT, sprinkle on a Salad or as a tasty addition to a Clonakilty fry-up.”

On shelves now in major retailers and convenience stores in Ireland.

Beechwood smoke tends to give meat a nice golden colour.

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