Where to Buy CBD Oil When the Shops are Closed in Cork

20 April 2021
By Roger Jones

Buying CBD oil online can be confusing and expensive. It’s difficult to know which websites are trustworthy. Once you figure out where to turn, shipping costs and import fees can begin to pile up. It’s important to know where to purchase CBD oil safely.

Right now, it’s impossible to go to the shops as we did before the pandemic. Many of us are turning to online retailers, with 68% of Irish consumers shopping online more now than they did before the pandemic. Level 5 lockdown has been here for months, and since everything else is available online, it may be time to consider purchasing cannabis products over the internet, too.

Benefits of buy CBD oil from an Irish retailer

There are undoubtedly several pros to buying Irish CBD oil. Whether it’s avoiding extra fees or supporting locals, there are so many things to love about local CBD. Take a glance at what stands out when buying Irish rather than importing from the UK or EU.

No Customs Duty

Brexit has made online shopping from the UK difficult and expensive. Products that did not previously have hefty customs duty now do. Buying more expensive products and paying potentially high fines is not ideal.

Buying CBD oil online in Cork means you can avoid that problem. The price you pay won’t be a surprise come arrival. This is a major benefit to purchasing products from home. When the future is not clear, saving where possible is a huge bonus.

Plus, ordering locally means your package won’t get stuck at customs, and shipping will be quicker than ordering an international package from the UK or EU.

Irish CBD Oil Complies with Irish Law

Laws around CBD sales and production in the UK are subject to change. In Ireland, CBD oil is not a controlled substance because of the Misuse of Drugs Act. CBD does not contain THC, the psychoactive chemical which is responsible for causing a high.

Certain laws regulate the production of CBD in the EU. Ireland specifically, cannabis is one of the oldest farmed crops. Irish cannabis must be cold-pressed and the process tightly regulated. To avoid losing your purchase at customs, buy Irish. 

Not only will you avoid customs entirely, but you will also be certain that the sourcing and production are both legal.

Supporting Irish Companies

Supporting Irish companies during the pandemic is a fantastic thing when everyone’s favourite shops are temporarily closed or even permanently shuttered, spending money that goes right back into the local economy matters. 

Cannabis plants are considered one of Ireland’s oldest crops; it’s something here we can do well. Not only does buying Irish support the commerce side of things, but also growers and other people involved in creating cannabis oil.

Growing a new industry at home with the potential to create new jobs could lift the community. This includes everyone from farmers to product developers to delivery workers. It makes sense to shop in a way that uplifts the community. 

Keeping Social Distance

Staying inside saves lives. Keeping a safe social distance while regulations begin to ease will protect our loved ones and community. Once shopping in public is safe again, maybe you will have found a new favourite. 

Looking Local

Digging deeper into local CBD oil companies generates a few useful options. This spotlight features an online seller that has made itself a welcome part of many people’s lives here in Cork.

Spotlight: Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil

Buying safe, local CBD oil online is easy with Dr. Hemp Me. The Dublin-based company was founded in 2018 by Brian Cusack. He had a mission to bring the benefits of CBD oil to his friends and the wider community. Since then, the business has been booming.

Now, Dr. Hemp Me is composed of a whole team of experts and researchers. Each person who works at Dr. Hemp Me is devoted to bringing quality products and customer service to Ireland.

Not only is it high-quality online, but you can also find a wide variety of products. Each item is formulated so you can experience CBD however you choose. The site features everything from coffee beans to skin cream. Fitting CBD into your schedule is a cinch with so many options.

If you need help with your purchase at any point, the website even has an integrated messaging feature so you can ask any questions. If you’re a first-time buyer, then getting into the world of CBD can be intimidating. Even if you’re familiar with CBD, asking questions about what you need can be useful.

Everything produced and sold is regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association. The CTA is Europe’s largest regulatory body regarding cannabis products and has a strict set of guidelines that all members must follow. You can be confident that each item is safe for use and complies with the law.

Between the local charm, variety of products, and helpful service, customers keep coming back to Dr. Hemp Me. In just over two years, the company has garnered a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot with over 300 reviews. Real people in Cork and around Ireland have given Dr. Hemp Me a stamp of approval.


Cannabis is a growing industry in Ireland. Despite many lockdowns and staying in, you don’t need to forego CBD altogether. Now might be the time for you to dip your foot into the world of CBD or change your buying habits so you can access it again.

Making a switch to online shopping so that you can rest and relax in 2021 could be a great decision. Stay safe and always do thorough research before buying any cannabis product.

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