‘Centre of Excellence for Climate Action and Sustainability’ planned for Myross Wood House, Leap, #WestCork

29 May 2021
By Tom Collins

Myross Wood House, Leap, Co. Cork.

Green Skibbereen will be taking part in a European-wide webinar next Monday, 31 May at 10.30am to present on Community led approaches on climate action and energy. This event is presented by The Embassy of Ireland in Prague and will be hosted by the Irish Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Ms. Cliona Manahan. Green Skibbereen will be presenting on their plans for the new Centre of Excellence for Climate Action and Sustainability at Myross Wood House, Leap, Co. Cork.

The event is being arranged in collaboration with organisations and partners in Ireland, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

“Communities in West Cork, Cascais and Kladno have already collaborated on project proposals for EU Horizon funding for innovative approaches to renewable energy and energy efficiency.” Ambassador Manahan said. “Our event will strengthen this ongoing dialogue and open up opportunities for inter-regional collaboration on climate action involving business, local communities, civil society and municipalities.”

Ambassador Cliona Manahan will open the event. Michaela Pixová of the Czech Climate Coalition will moderate, with speakers from Kladno Municipality, Cascais Municipality, Argentum Consultants, Green Skibbereen, Enterprise Ireland and University College Cork.

Alexandra Revez, Environmental Research Institute, UCC, Ireland, will be presenting on Innovative approaches to develop pathways to a low carbon and climate resilient future which draws from their research project, Reimagining 2050.

“We can all help shape a low carbon and climate-resilient future and I hope the EU Recovery 21 webinar will bring to light new opportunities for inclusive collaboration at community level.” Alexandra said.

“Across Europe, many communities, local and regional authorities, business and civil society groups are undertaking innovative and interesting climate action projects.” Noel Casserly, Green Skibbereen director, added. “These projects, many informed by state of the art research and demonstration, are key to the delivery of EU climate ambition. Such activities also open opportunities for business and job creation in the transition to climate resilience as EU countries rebuild economies and refocus priorities in a post-pandemic world.”

Noel will bring to the panel the experiences in West Cork of promoting Climate Action and Sustainability and the plans for Myross Wood House.

João Dinis, Coordinator of the Urban Transition Acceleration Division, from Cascais, Portugal, will share their local experiences of innovative climate action solutions and citizen engagement.

“Carbon neutrality and climate action are becoming inevitable development subjects for EU countries and their respective regional or local governments.” João said. “This event is a unique opportunity for climate and energy related stakeholders across Europe to simultaneously share and learn best practices from government frontrunners.”

The third European site involved in this project is the Kladno Municipality in the Czech Republic and their sustainable and zero carbon community will be represented by David Škorňa.

““I want to live in a future where our environment and economy are in mutual balance with no harm being done to our environment or to our prosperity.” David told us. “We are seeking smart and resilient solutions to these problems which always have to be about people first. This event can create momentum for successfully fulfilling our path to carbon neutrality at local levels through European collaborations.”

The event also features Tonia Spollen Behrens, from Enterprise Ireland, and will introduce the opportunities available through International Financial Institutions and the ERBD Green Cities Initiative.

For any community group or organisation seeking insights into how to bring climate action to their area, this will be an excellent event to showcase the experiences and knowledge already gathered between these three communities in Ireland, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

The event is free with registration through Eventbrite and will take place at 10:30am on 31 May 2021

Ticket link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eu-recovery-2021-community-led-approaches-on-climate-action-and-energy-registration-155581487417

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