Sulky Racing to be banned in Cork

Cork City Council and County Council are looking into passing a bye law to regulate sulky racing.

It’s because senior Gardai in the City have indicated that their powers under the existing legislation – The 1996 “Control of Horses Act” – are limited.

Last month there was a dangerous sulky race on the Cork-Mallow road.

It took place on a Saturday morning on the public road. Where some members of the Travelling community disregarded traffic rules and ignored a Garda car.

A YouTube video of the event went viral on the internet soon afterwards.

Chair of the the Cork City Joint Policing Commitee Cllr Pat Gosh is backing a new bye law which are currently at committee stage in City Hall.

Speaking to another Cllr, Fianna Fail’s Kenneth O’Flynn said there is too much “red tape” in City Hall and racing on public roads should have been banned last year.


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