EDUCATION: Tim Lombard encourages schools to sign up for EU project

20 September 2017
By Elaine Murphy

Cork Senator, Tim Lombard, has urged all primary schools to take part in the Blue Star education programme being run by European Movement Ireland.

Cork Senator Tim Lombard

Senator Lombard said: “This is a great opportunity for school communities to learn more about Ireland’s place in Europe and how the EU has helped to contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous Europe.

“This programme covers a range of topics including historical, geographical, cultural and creative, and the institutions. It fosters an educated and informed understanding of how young people can interact with the EU and indeed other Europeans.

“Over 75% of Irish laws now originate at an EU level, it is therefore critically important for us all to understand EU processes and the effect those policies have upon life here in Ireland.

“The Blue Star Programme aims to foster Irish pupil’s better knowledge and understanding of the EU through various classroom projects and interactive activities. The programme is extremely flexible and goes hand in hand with existing primary school curriculum.

“Many of our local schools have benefitted from welcoming pupils originally from outside Ireland or whose parents moved over recently, and the Blue Star programme is a brilliant way to highlight and promote this unique range of cultures.

“To sign up for the Blue Star programme, teachers can visit: and complete the simple registration form. Registration closes October 17th.”

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