Cork can be major player in Euro MedTech?

18 February 2020
By Elaine Murphy

DC Cahalane, CEO, Republic of Work; Caroline Kennedy, Events Manager, Republic of Work; Megan McCarthy, EMEA Customer Services Lead at Halaxy, and Eoin Fitzpatrick, Corporate Service Manager at Laya 
Picture: Michael O’Sullivan/OSM PHOTO

Healthcare innovation event to hear how region can maximise opportunities in industry worth €1trn in coming decade

Leading industry figures have said that Cork must be ready to take advantage of the estimated €1 TRILLION spend on innovation in healthcare and medical technology.

Republic of Work in Cork will host its Innovation In Healthcare event on Tuesday, February 25, which will hear from three leading industry experts on how these companies are using technology to bring their business to the next level.

Caroline Kennedy, events manager of Republic of Work, said: “With more than €300bn worth of deals in medtech and biotech in 2019, breaking all previous records, it is clear opportunities in the burgeoning sector are going to be huge in the next decade. Cork and the wider Munster region should position itself as a major player in healthcare innovation, just as it has historically in pharma and manufacturing. That means more jobs and investment for Cork, as well as the wider regions.”

Panellists for the event include;

Jane O’Flynn, Cork manager of Health Innovation Hub Ireland

Megan McCarthy, EMEA customer service lead at Australian healthcare platform, Halaxy;

Eoin Fitzpatrick, corporate service manager at Laya Healthcare

Eoin Fitzpatrick said: “The future of primary care is to help people to stay well and not just take care of them when they are sick. This means innovation is vital to public and private entities in the future. This event is a good chance to see where those opportunities lie in the next decade and beyond.”

See for tickets to the free Innovation in Healthcare event, or

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