How far is 20km from my home?

23 May 2020
By Bryan Smyth

In recent weeks everyone has been Googling ‘How far is 5km from my home’ and prior to that it was ‘How far is 2km from my home’, but the burning question now is when will the COVID-19 geographic restrictions on exercise zones end? Personally, I cannot wait to see the ocean again.

That decision on dates rests with the Government, who are guided by health advice, but as things stand we will have to wait only another 2-weeks until ‘Phase Two’ of the roadmap for a return to normal comes into effect on Monday 8 June 2020, for the next easing. On that date, restrictions on exercise will be extended from within 5km of your home to 20km”.

That being the case the new popular question will be ‘How far is 20km from my home?’ Here is a useful map which automatically determines your location, and then overlays a 20km radius circle.

The website will show you a map, click here.

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