The Joys of Online Entertainment

3 July 2020
By Roger Jones

In light of recent times, online entertainment has never been more important to us. From mainstream options such as Netflix to the more unique online pastimes discussed here, we are thankfully blessed with so many options to get us through trying periods. Here we take a look at the joys of online entertainment.

1. Irish Castle Tours

Virtual tours are becoming the “in thing” at the moment, with people attending virtual parades, music events, local church services, galleries and virtual pub quizzes with their usual bunch. Ireland’s castles are renowned for being majestic structures in the heart of natural beauty – and they can too be discovered via a device and an internet connection. You can now go on virtual tours of Blarney Castle, Enniskillen Castle and Malahide Castle just north of Dublin.

File photo of Blarney castle from June 2019 when Chris Tarrant’s popular TV series Extreme Railway Journeys visited. Also pictured is Sir Charles Colthurst, Bt, of Blarney Castle and Gardens.
Pic – Tourism Ireland

2. Live Dealer Games

Online casinos remain a popular choice among men and women of all legal ages. The number of games makes sure there is something for everyone to enjoy, but the newest online casino craze is live dealer games. These games include precisely what they say – a live-streamed dealer for your games, making the entertainment even more lifelike. Not sure where to find the best live dealer games? Visit to discover the best casinos that offer these games!

Many people are familiar with Casinos from watching James Bond movies. The beauty of online games is there is no need to get dressed up in your Tuxedo!

3. Your Local Pub Quiz

We briefly mentioned it earlier, but your local pub might be still running its weekly pub quiz. Some bar owners have decided to keep their quizzes alive by making them virtual sessions with their usual patrons. All you need is yourself, Skype and a few drinks, just like an actual visit to the pub quiz.

The good news is Cork residents will be able to play along in their locals soon as Cork pubs are set to re-open.

4. Online Sketching and Painting

Love painting, but hate the mess that comes with it? Well, you could always try online painting and sketching instead. There are lots of apps and websites which will help you paint or draw an image using your mouse and online tools. You can make posters, birthday cards or something else, all from the mess-free comfort of your sofa. You don’t need a sophisticated app either. Microsoft Word users could always use the age-old Paint programme to create their masterpieces.

5. Podcasts

We spend a lot of time looking at screens, and it’s not good for our eyes or our posture. But you can still get a serving of entertainment and not have to look at a screen or slouch in your chair by choosing podcasts instead. There are so many options today, from sports fan podcasts to mysteries and conspiracy theory podcasts, there’s something for everyone. Put on a podcast and start doing hose house chores to stay entertained while moving your body.

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