Ireland’s premier Baron ‘Lord Kingsale’ of Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland is called de Courcey and lives in New Zealand

13 July 2020
By Tom Collins

DID YOU KNOW: there is a living person who the current ‘Lord Kingsale’? 

Kinsale is a tourist town in County Cork. It was previously spelt as Kingsale, in the medieval English way. There is a Lord Kingsale pub in the town today, but did you know there is still actually a living person who is the ‘Lord Kingsale’? The full title of the peerage is Baron Kingsale. it happens to be the oldest barony in the Irish peerage; hence Lord Kingsale is known as the premier baron of Ireland.

The feudal barony dates to at least the 13th century. Such is the antiquity of the title there is a question mark over how many Barons there have been. Some sources include the holders of the feudal barony, while others start their counting only with the peers from 1340, and still others from 1397.

Several sources claim that the Baron holds the privilege of being covered (that is, wearing a hat) in the presence of the monarch. The 11th Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, however, disagrees, claiming that the story “is a legend without historic foundation”. Historian & Researcher, Nial Stewart also disagrees with this tale. Check out his video lecture below for more.

The Baron Kingsale is also Lord of Ringrone, and Lord of Courcy.

The general family departed Ireland in 1838. That was 182 years ago! indeed it was so far in the past that it was before the Famine (1845–1849). Most Lords Kingsale have lived in the UK since. As with many peerages, the family no longer retains its once extensive property in Ireland, indeed the present Lord resides in New Zealand, and has only been in Ireland once.

Coat of arms of Courcy family

Recent History

The 30th (or 35th – depending on which version of history is followed) Baron was called John de Courcy. He lived from 1941 to 15 September 2005. In his early years he was educated at the expensive Stowe School followed by the Universities of Paris and Salzburg. However, in order to earn a living from his mid 20’s onwards he took on many different jobs. These included being an odd-job man and plumber, a wine-waiter and butler for hire  By the 1990s arthritis affected his ability to work. He moved into sheltered housing in Somerset, with no phone. When he died in 2005 his fascinating obituary was published in the UK Daily Telegraph. It was also syndicated by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Who is the current Lord Kingsale (Baron Kingsale)?

The title then passed on to his cousin, Nevinson Mark de Courcy, who was born in 1958. He lives in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand. He is the 31st (or 36th) Baron, however, his name does not appear in the current Role of the Peerage. Under the terms of the Royal Warrant of 2004 any person who succeeds to a Peerage must prove his or her succession and be placed on the Roll, otherwise that person may not be legally recognised in the UK as a Peer in official documents.

Video ‘A History of the de Courcys of Kinsale – Barons Kingsale’

As part of Kinsale Arts Weekend Historian & Researcher, Nial Stewart has delivered an interesting lecture on YouTube in recent days

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