The Pros and Cons of Online Gambling in Ireland

2 December 2020
By Roger Jones


Playing a game of roulette or blackjack can be an addictive, fun and challenging pass time for a lot of people. After all, it enhances your playing skills, encourages you to improve your strategy while providing a chance to win money.

Despite all the fun aspects of online gambling, there are strict laws in almost every country worldwide and Ireland is no exception. Some people get addicted and go overboard on their betting which is what has led to strict rules.

The private casino and gambling clubs are available only for members and are limited to specific cities in the nation including places like Dublin, Cork and Dundalk.

The Evolution of Online Gambling in Ireland

As per law, the slot machines and roulette tables are not supposed to exist in their own soil. They are being done in the name of private clubs that operate at a specific hour and in select cities. However, the idea is to make use of loopholes in the law to achieve this which is not something every citizen is comfortable with.

On the other end of the straw, online gambling has grown a lot in Ireland, and has become far safer and easier to access. With the evolution of the internet, since 2001, there are now plenty of domestic online gambling sites available mainly for people from Ireland.

Irish citizens have been enjoying the beauty of digital betting for two decades now as there are licensed local and offshore sites to enjoy gambling games. Besides, with rapidly improving internet speeds and better smartphones, it is easier to play your game on any device of your choice. The necessity to stay stuck to a laptop or PC is long gone with the advent of smartphones and tablets in the past decade.

Players from Ireland can get advice online choosing the ideal casino website based on expert advice, years of existence, the type of games they offer and how well their online casino is designed. It is supposed to be intuitive so that new users can immediately pick on without having to wade through a user manual. Some of these aspects should be considered when you are planning to play in online casinos.

Some Basics to Know Before You Play

As a player, it is essential to know the laws in Ireland before you start playing your favourite online gambling options available on different websites. To revamp the entire system, the government has been introducing new changes since 2013 and the latest 2019 Gaming and Lotteries Act states some basics to be followed.

The player should be 18 years or older in order to participate while the licensing system for online gambling and sportsbooks has undergone a major upgrade. The central regulatory authority will also monitor, and it is expected to be handled by the Gambling Commission.

The Pros – Benefits of Online Gambling

1. Convenience

Ease of access is one of the most important and widely accepted advantages of online gambling in Ireland and surrounding countries. Irrespective of the location of your city, you will be able to easily participate in a game, hopefully win and if it is live dealer games also socialize with a lot of people at once. Even smaller bets would allow you to take part in the games. There is no need to go out anywhere or break the law; you can play on any device you like, be it a computer or a smartphone.

2. Easy and Solid Entertainment

It can be a great form of entertainment that could be played 24/7.

3. Wide Choice of Games Available

The virtual world has always been a place for players who hope to make their dream come true. There are a lot of games available. If you choose to bet on sports one day, you can go to casino games like poker, bingo, roulette and blackjack the next day. Similarly, some people love the concept of horse racing and betting on their favorite number while some play for daily rewards. Online casino gaming is a part of daily life for players across the nation and is growing bigger every day.

4. Privacy

Any registered online casino offers utmost privacy and instead of using your credit card, you can always use Paypal or other forms of payments to purchase your credit. Besides, they also provide great bonuses and rewards based on regular logins. The concept is on par with any online game one might play. Newcomers receive the maximum benefit on such online casino sites and if you haven’t visited the gambling site in weeks, you will often get a comeback bonus as well. The rewards are excellent and the online casino sites in Ireland offer great privacy and security for your personal information.

The Cons – Pitfalls of Online Gambling in Ireland

1. Investing More than You Plan

Being new to the entire online gambling scenario has encouraged a lot of newbies to bet big on games. However, they often lose more than they gain because the casino always has the advantage in odds. After all, just because you are playing from your home doesn’t mean you should play all day long and put all your money in it. The sheer will to control how and where your money goes, the time and type of games should be pre-defined with self-control.

2. Inability to Talk to People

The sole reason a lot of people visit the land-based casinos, pub or any other spot is to have to interact with other people. They can socialize with other people while playing on the table, but this is not a option on online casino games.

3. Non-Local Casinos Have Slow Cash out Times

It is always important to choose an online casino in Ireland or the neighboring regions.  The best is to find an online casino that has good ratings, and review.

4. Scammers and Hidden Charges

The exciting new offers announced by a new gambling site could end up being the worst aspect of playing online. You should never consider a quick buck because the risk of losing your personal information, credit card info or the money invested could be much higher than an initial reward of $100 for newcomers. Always stick to reputed and widely recognized online casino sites in Ireland as these casinos have built a name for themselves through the years. Transaction fees and hidden charges could also deter the money you paid which is why it is advisable to read the terms and conditions before buying chips.

5. Addiction

Just like land-based casinos, online casinos can also lead to gambling addiction, so always play safe and stay gamble aware.


The majority of players across the globe have fun playing online casinos. Opting for online gambling in Ireland is an obvious choice as most people don’t have access to a land-based casino in the country. Besides, the rules and regulations are far more stringent and being able to play with the comfort of your home is more fun. All that is needed to enjoy the experience is to have a specified plan and budget, enjoy the games you love and don’t gamble longer than you planned. Go with a credible online casino and enjoy the experience.



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