The advantages of Instagram for small businesses 

24 March 2021
By Roger Jones


Do you have a new small business and are looking for the best ways to market it to the general public? Is traditional marketing too expensive for your small brand and you need to find something that is much more cost effective?

Currently, so many different brands and business, both big and small, have discovered just how far making use of social media can take them in their growth journey. Many businesses and brands have started to discover that traditional marketing just isn’t worth it being so expensive, very localised, and often just very time consuming, as opposed to online or social media marketing which doesn’t cost anything for the most part and is quick and easy to use. These days businesses need to cater to a newer and younger audience and using Instagram is the perfect way to reach them.

If you are new to social media, and you are thinking of using Instagram, then you might be on the fence, but here are some of the advantages of using Instagram for your small business.

Have an engaged community

When it comes to marketing, the rule of thumb these days is that you want to have some form of engagement with your customers rather than just advertising to them. This kind of engagement is almost impossible to get when advertising traditionally unless you have a big and expensive marketing plan or strategy that involves your customers. 

Instagram is one of the best ways to have meaningful engagement with both your followers and other users who don’t yet follow you. Getting followers to engage with on the other hand can be difficult, but there are many growth services, and you could try Growthoid. Engagement is fantastic when it comes to marketing your small business as it allows for you to understand what your followers like and don’t like, as well as grow customer relationships with them. 

There are many channels that one can engage through on Instagram, be that commenting, liking, sharing, saving, or even direct messaging. Not only should you strive for users to engage with your content, but you should be returning that engagement to encourage even more interactions. 

There’s no size requirement 

One of the best parts of marketing on Instagram is that there is no minimum size requirement in order to make use of the platform for advertising purposes. You can 

Just use your business account as you would any other Instagram account, without any kind of payment, minimum follower base, or anything that is along the same line. Businesses don’t have to be big to do well on Instagram, and even a small business can find itself thriving with the right amount of effort, dedication and trying some of the best ways to gain followers. There are roughly 1 billion people who make use of Instagram, meaning that there is bound to be a group of people who are interested in your niche and wanting to support your business, you just have to look for them. 

Ads can be used

If you are stumped on how to reach new potential followers and aren’t growing as well as you had hoped, Instagram has introduced a fantastic feature to help out with just this. In the fast few years, Instagram recognised that businesses where starting to make use of their platform and came up with a brilliant way to help them out by introducing Instagram ads. Essentially, they are just regular posts that, with a small fee, are pushed to people who might be interested in you specific niche or show interest in your brand. These ads are fantastic for small businesses as it helps them to get noticed much more easily, and with only half the effort. 

It’s great for conversion 

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram is that it enables you to drive traffic to your website. Instagram has many places open in the bio section of your account to link your website, a call to action button, or even just your location, which may seem just okay while doing it, but it is actually incredibly useful as most people don’t tend to want to go searching for websites, if they are interested in your business they will look at you profile to find a way there, and Instagram allows you to do exactly this with so much ease. 

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